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My Approach to Cisgender Chest Masculinization Surgery

Posted on Monday, September 18th, 2023 by Dr. Babak Dadvand

In this blog article, I want to take you through a recent chest masculinization surgery I performed. This surgery is close to my heart because it’s not just about transforming appearances; it’s about helping individuals feel more comfortable in their own bodies. Whether it’s for patients transitioning from female to male, cisgender males dealing with severe gynecomastia, or non-binary and cisgender women seeking a more masculine presentation, my goal as a plastic surgeon is to understand their unique goals and help them achieve the desired outcome.

Cisgender Chest Masculinization Surgical Considerations

In this specific case, I elected to perform a double mastectomy with free nipple and free areola grafts. The decision was based on the presence of excess skin and an areola position that didn’t align with the aesthetic male standard. Additionally, the existing nipples were larger than what would typically be considered male, so I planned to graft a portion of the areola and nipple separately to achieve a more masculine appearance.

The Surgical Markings

Before the surgery, I meticulously marked the proposed incision sites and focused on resizing the areolas to create a more masculine size. This involved taking a small piece from each areola. I also marked the nipples for later modification. Once the markings were complete, we were ready to proceed to the operating room.

The Surgery

Once in the operating room, the first step was to create the new, smaller areolas. I aimed for a better color match by using tissue from the same areola whenever possible. Following this, I removed the nipples to later reshape them into smaller segments. Then, I performed the mastectomy on each side.

As the surgery progressed, I finished creating the areola graft on one side and reshaped the nipple. This involved thinning down the nipple to ensure it was the right size for the new areola. I repeated the process for the other side, creating separate areola and nipple grafts to achieve the desired results.

The Outcome

The Cisgender chest masculinization surgery results were aesthetically pleasing, with curved incisions. We achieved a much more masculine chest contour with a better size relationship between the areolas and nipples. We also placed the drains strategically to ensure they would be less conspicuous when wearing specific clothing.

The patient now has a great chest contour with well-defined pec lines, and we expect the incisions to heal beautifully.

The Positive Impact of Cisgender Chest Masculinization

Cisgender chest masculinization surgery is a procedure that can positively impact a patient’s life in numerous ways. It’s about helping individuals align their outward appearance with their gender identity, and it’s a procedure that can be tailored to meet the unique goals of each patient.

As a plastic surgeon, I listen to my patients, understand their aspirations, and work with them to achieve their desired outcomes. This case exemplifies the importance of approaching each surgery as a unique and individualized experience, recognizing that the gender spectrum is vast, and our approach should be equally diverse.

I’m Dr. Babak Dadvand, and as a double board-certified plastic surgeon, I am immensely grateful to have been part of my patient’s journey,  and I look forward to helping more patients. Don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a consultation with my Beverly Hills office if you have any questions about chest masculinization surgery.

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