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Breast Implant Revision Surgery and the Pursuit of Proportion

Posted on Friday, July 14th, 2023 by Dr. Babak Dadvand

Today, I want to share with you a remarkable breast revision surgery I recently performed. The patient had undergone breast implant surgery nearly a decade ago, followed by two pregnancies and childbirth. Over time, she began feeling that her breasts were too large for her body. To address her concerns and restore proportionality, we embarked on a revision journey together.

The Surgical Process: Assessment and Planning

As a plastic surgeon, understanding my patient’s history is crucial to delivering the best results. This particular patient had previously undergone breast augmentation with implants and, subsequently, experienced significant changes due to pregnancies and breastfeeding. She approached me for breast implant revision surgery, expressing her dissatisfaction with her current breast size, symmetry, and sagging.

After careful consideration, I formulated a comprehensive plan. Our objectives were clear:

  • Remove the implants
  • Perform a breast lift
  • Reduce the breast size

I also took into account the additional discomfort the patient might be experiencing due to the weight of her breasts, which could manifest as neck and upper back pain.

Aesthetic Markings and Areola Resizing

Before surgery, I meticulously marked the areas that required attention. First and foremost, I aimed to reduce the size of the patient’s areolas to match her desired breast size. Utilizing a specialized tool referred to as a “cookie cutter,” I resized the areolas, ensuring they attained a more appropriate diameter.

Addressing Excess Tissue and Nipple Positioning

To achieve our desired outcome, I focused on removing the excess hanging tissue and repositioning the nipples. By preserving a specific tissue section, I ensured the preservation of blood supply and nerve connectivity to the nipple-areola complex. The sagging and drooping tissue were carefully excised, allowing the nipples to be repositioned in their new and desired locations. This process significantly contributed to the uplifted and symmetrical appearance of the breasts.

Sculpting the Perfect Contours

Once the excess tissue was removed, I turned my attention to sculpting the remaining breast tissue. The goal was to create a smaller, more perky appearance. Through meticulous reshaping of the outer part of the breast and the precise removal of additional breast tissue, the final contours began to take shape. Temporary staples were used to provide a glimpse of the remarkable transformation that awaited the patient.

As the surgery neared completion, I carefully closed the incisions and moved on to the final touches. Marking the new positions of the patient’s nipples and areolas ensured they aligned harmoniously with the newly reduced and uplifted breasts. The improved contours were noticeably more proportionate and in harmony with the patient’s overall frame.

The Positive Impact of Breast Revision

Breast revision surgeries, such as the one I performed, exemplify the potential of plastic surgery to positively impact individuals’ lives. As patients seek balance, proportion, and self-assurance, I am honored to guide them on their journey to renewed confidence.

I’m Dr. Babak Dadvand, a double board-certified plastic surgeon. Contact my Beverly Hills office if you want to take a step toward enhancing your appearance and consider breast implant revision surgery as an option. Financing options are available.

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