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Recovery Tips After Your Mommy Makeover

Posted on Friday, October 25th, 2013 by Dr. Babak Dadvand

Now that you have undergone your “Mommy Makeover,” what is the next step? Well, in a word…recovery. The recovery process is very important in all surgeries, especially when multiple procedures have been performed. Here are the 5 steps to a smooth recovery:

  1. No strenuous activity for 6 weeks. By strenuous activity, I am referring to exercise, both with weights or cardio. Strenuous activity too soon will increase the swelling among other things.
  2. Wear your garments: The garments are there for a reason. They keep the swelling to a minimum and allow the shape to settle in sooner. Not wearing a garment will only delay the final result.
  3. Keep your salt levels down: Salty foods or drinks in the first few weeks after this type of surgery can increase the swelling. You don’t have to eliminate salt rom the diet, just be mindful of how much salt you’re taking in the first few weeks after surgery.
  4. Take an appropriate time off from work: Typically most people will need 2 weeks off from work after a Mommy Makeover. This is especially true when a tummy tuck was part of the procedure. Most breast surgeries need only one week prior to returning to work. Tummy tuck is a larger surgery and typically needs that extra week to get back to baseline.
  5. Be patient: The results of a Mommy Makeover are dramatic, even early on. However, it takes several months for final results. The breasts, especially if implants are used, can take 3-4 months to obtain their ideal shape. The tummy can take up to 6 months, especially if liposuction of the waist was also performed. The incisions can take up to a year and a half to rec their final color and look.

Following these 5 steps will allow your body to recover in a smooth and predictable fashion. The Mommy Makeover is a difference maker as far as surgeries go making the recovery process even that much more important.

To learn more and to see before and after pictures, visit my website at drdadvandplasticsurgery.com.

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