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Can I Get a Breast Augmentation or Do I Need a Breast Lift?

Posted on Friday, November 1st, 2013 by Dr. Babak Dadvand

This is a very common question that I face in my practice. There is nothing more disheartening to a woman who comes in for a breast augmentation consultation than to be told she needs a breast lift (which means additional scars).  So who qualifies for a breast augmentation versus an augmentation with a breast lift? Well it comes down to whether there is any ptosis, or droopiness, in the breasts.

One of the common myths is that breast implants also lift the breast. This is not true. Never has been and never will. If a woman truly needs a breast lift, putting in an implant alone will not address this. In fact, it can give the breast the “Snoopy” deformity: the breast will look like Snoopy’s head in profile because the implant will sit up high and the breast tissue will remain low.

When I assess for ptosis I look at several thing: the position of the nipple to the inframammary fold, or breast crease, the position of the breast tissue relative to the chest wall, and the skin tone. Generally speaking, the nipple should be just above the breast crease and on the most projecting part of the breast mound and the skin tone should be good. If this is the case, a breast augmentation would be ideal to enhance the breast. If this is not the case, then a breast lift will be necessary. The type of lift and the incisions necessary will depend on how much lifting and excess skin there is. The patients below show the difference between breast ptosis. The patient on the left has no ptosis and is an excellent candidate for breast augmentation. The patient in the middle has a Grade 1-2 ptosis and the patient on the right has a Grade 2-3 ptosis. These two women would need a breast lift procedure to ensure their breast and nipple positions are in the proper place.

breast surgery patients photoTo learn more about breast surgery and to see before and after pictures visit my website at drdadvandplasticsurgery.com.

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