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Chest Contouring Surgery After Weight Loss

Posted on Tuesday, October 18th, 2022 by Dr. Babak Dadvand

In Beverly Hills, I often consult with patients who, through a significant amount of determination, achieved their ideal body weight through diet and exercise. In this particular case, my patient lost 65 to 70 pounds. This, however, is not the end of his journey. Losing a huge amount of weight has resulted in sagging skin and a change in nipple position. You will see in the video that he already has an amazing pec definition. Thus, my goal is to tighten the skin around the chest and lift the nipple position for a more aesthetically pleasing result.

Chest contouring requires precision and an eye for even the most minute detail.

Throughout my chest contouring videos, you will notice that I prefer to do my pre-surgery markings while my patient is in an upright standing position. This allows me to reimagine the chest contours while taking into account the effects of gravity. These markings are my map to great results and help put my patients at ease.

When looking at the video you will see that the nipples are asymmetrical, with one being far lower than the other. Careful consideration must be given to how best I’m going to improve symmetry while being cognisant of the excess tissue that the nipple reposition may create. The best option here is for the incision to be along the lower pec as this will eliminate the excess foldover skin at the side. I am also reducing the areolar size and repositioning it as a free graft to better fit the new chest contour.

Only after removing the excess tissue and skin, and once the incisions are sutured can I proceed with resizing the areolar and nipple positioning. You will see in the video that I’ve trimmed the nipple down to a more appealing height so that it can fit the chest contour better. Once complete I can suture the nipple onto the areolar while bearing in mind the rule of thumb – the nipple should always be positioned below the lower border of the pec muscle. Before grafting the areola onto the chest, I do a symmetry check, create the markings, do another check, and then free grafting.

I am Dr. Dadvand, a board-certified plastic surgeon with a specialized interest, and training in plastic surgery procedures that enhances natural-looking body contours that build self-confidence and a positive body image. In this particular case, my patient did the hard work – losing all that weight. It is quite inspiring! I am glad that I could be part of his weight loss journey and am very pleased with his 1-week post-surgery results.

I consult with patients throughout Beverly Hills and the surrounding areas. If you would like to know how I can help you improve your chest contours then schedule an in-person consultation.

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