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Dr. Babak Dadvand Discusses Breast Anatomy

Posted on Tuesday, July 24th, 2012 by Dr. Babak Dadvand

Breast augmentation is the most common cosmetic surgery performed in the United States. Many of the blogs discuss breast implants and issues related to them. In this blog the focus is on the actual breast…and more specifically, breast anatomy.

Most people don’t know what a breast is made from, generally assuming that it is just fatty tissue. However breasts are much more than just fat.

Breasts are made of fat, glands, and connective tissue. Each breast is divided into several lobes which are then divided into 12-20 lobules that end in milk glands. Tiny ducts then run from the glands, connect together and end in the nipple. The space around the lobules is composed of fat and connective tissue.

breast anatomy image

The interesting fact is that the amount of fatty tissue largely determines the breast size. In addition to this, women generally have the same number of milk producing tissue.

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