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Breast procedures in Los Angeles

Don’t let the size or perkiness of your breasts get in the way of your self-confidence any longer. Dr. Dadvand knows that patients who are embarrassed with the appearance or configuration of their breasts are less satisfied with themselves, and he takes pride in being able to give his patients the gift of an improved bust line. Dr. Dadvand has been successfully performing breast augmentation, breast lifts, and both female and male breast reduction in Los Angeles for years. He uses the most developed technology in the field and is constantly updating his office to make sure that no scarring or indications of any surgical procedure are visible- your new chest sculpted by Dr. Dadvand is will look as natural as possible.


Breast Augmentation

Dr. Dadvand understands the importance of having a natural looking breast augmentation, and he focuses on just that. The surgery is most often recommended to women who are unhappy with the size of their breasts and want a minimally-invasive solution to upgrading to their bra size for a more fuller, feminine look.

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Breast Lift

After nursing children or just as a natural side effect of aging, your breasts may start to give in to gravity and a breast lift may be needed. With a breast lift by Dr. Dadvand, you can say goodbye to a sagging bust line and hello to firm, perky breasts as he tightens the skin in the area with the least amount of scarring possible.

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Breast Reduction

Breasts that are too large can not only compromise your appearance and make you look bigger than you are, but can also cause substantial back pain. During your breast reduction treatment, your breasts will be skillfully resized and appropriately reshaped by Dr. Dadvand to better suit your body as he extracts excess fat tissue from the region.

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Men, too, can be sensitive about larger breasts and can be unhappy with their size. If you and want to reconfigure your breasts and want to give them a more flattened appearance, join the hundreds of satisfied patients who have already undergone a male breast reduction procedure in Dr. Dadvand’s care.

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Revision Breast Surgery

Oftentimes, patients consult Dr. Dadvand to fix a previous breast surgery they have undergone as they continue to experience sagging or are still dissatisfied with the size of their breasts. Dr. Dadvand will happily guide you through the path to finally attaining a more ideal vision of your chest once and for all.

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Dr. Babak Dadvand is a double board-certified plastic surgeon and portrait painter, providing a distinctive fusion of artistic and surgical skills to achieve exceptional outcomes, all while maintaining a robust ethical framework that prioritizes patient trust and satisfaction.

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