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Dr. Dadvand
The Breast Specialist

Breast surgery and Revision Breast surgery are my passions. No other procedure best defines a woman’s sense of femininity than breast surgery. As all of my patients know, my approach to breast surgery is really very straightforward. I place the utmost emphasis on developing a trust with my patients and understanding what their goals are and how we can achieve them.

As a Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and a trained fine artist, I combine the most effective surgical techniques with an artist’s eye to develop individual treatment plans for my patients. This applies to all types of breast surgery, and especially revision breast surgery.

Revision breast surgery should be performed by a surgeon with the experience and innovation needed to take on these difficult cases. As a revision breast surgery specialist, I take on cases that other surgeons turn down because of their complexity.

At BD Plastic Surgery you will receive the utmost care and attention- from the initial consultation, through the surgery, and especially the post-operative care. As a specialist in breast surgery I make you the following promises:

  • I will develop a tailored plan for you based on your specific goals and expectations

  • I will use the latest techniques to achieve the most natural results obtainable

  • I stand behind my work to make sure you are completely satisfied with your results

I expect nothing less…and neither should you! That is my commitment to you. So I welcome you to visit my site and make an appointment to meet with me.


Dr. Babak Dadvand
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon