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Going to the beach should not be a dreadful event. Dr. Dadvand can help you look and feel at your best. Say goodbye to hiding under baggy clothing and hello to flaunting your tightened, contoured stomach. With a tummy tuck performed at our private, luxury Beverly Hills surgical suite under the expert care of Dr. Dadvand, you can reverse the toll that pregnancy, weight loss or gain, or aging have taken on your stomach. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Dadvand is considered one of the most experienced plastic surgeons in the Los Angeles metro area when it comes to tummy tuck surgeries – click to view before and after photos of actual patients.

Am I a Candidate for a Tummy Tuck?

Perhaps you have lost a substantial amount of weight and feel healthy, but have been left with hanging skin on your stomach that is still weighing you down. Or, perhaps your stomach is hidden behind loose, saggy skin that resulted from a pregnancy that occurred recently or years ago. In either case, you may benefit from a personalized tummy tuck procedure.

Dr. Dadvand often meets patients that feel self-conscious about unsightly, loose or hanging skin. During your consultation, Dr. Dadvand will review your medical history, examine the area, talk to you about the process and what you would like to achieve, and make sure your expectations are realistic. Together, you will construct a personalized course of action that corresponds with a specific type of tummy tuck he recommends or he may suggest other surgical and non-surgical solutions. A tummy tuck is not restricted to females – men can also have excess skin and fat from the abdomen corrected with a tummy tuck that if needed can be combined with gynecomastia surgery.

The Main Tummy Tuck Types

Like any cosmetic surgery, a tummy tuck is not a one-size-fits-all procedure. There are a variety of techniques and approaches that are suitable for different situations. Dr. Dadvand has performed hundreds of successful tummy tucks; his experiences in varied techniques make him a true specialist in this procedure. The most common types of tummy tuck surgeries include:

Traditional Tummy Tuck, in which Dr. Dadvand will make an incision extending from one side of the lower stomach to the other. With extreme precision and attention to detail, Dr. Dadvand will gently detach your stomach muscle from the extra fat and skin to which it is bound. The abdominal muscles, which are likely to have been loosened with pregnancy or weight gain, will be sutured to ensure optimum tightening. Dr. Dadvand will then remove the excess skin and perform liposuction of the flanks and waist for optimal contouring. Dr. Dadvand will then recreate a more youthful appearing bellybutton. This is very important to having a natural look to the tummy tuck. Afterwards, Dr. Dadvand will close the incision so that it is below the bikini line. This ensures that your scar will remain hidden under clothing.

Dr. Dadvand makes three key incisions: around the belly button, vertically along the center of the lower abdomen, and horizontall across the lower abdomen.

The incisions allow Dr. to lift the skin and acess the underlying abdominal wall and muscles.

Dr. Dadvand sutures the abdominal muscles to tighten them and add structural support.

The excess skin is removed. Remaining skin is pulled down to meet the original lower abdominal incision. A new spot is created for the bellybotton.

The incisions are closed. There will be stitches around the bellybutton and one across the lower abdomen.


3 hours

Recovery Time:

2 weeks
If heavy lifting is needed, can be up to 6 weeks



Helpful Tips:

Losing weight prior to surgery is recommended
Arranged childcare in advance
We recommend to avoid the stairs for the first few days

Commonly Combined with:

Breast Lift/ Buttock Lift
Breast Surgery

Mini Tummy Tuck, which is most highly recommended to patients who want the results of a traditional tummy tuck but whose skin laxity is confined to the lower abdomen. It is a refined, small-scale version of the traditional treatment. A mini-tummy tuck involves a shorter procedure time and recovery period. This technique is most recommended for patients who have centralized fat and excess skin in the lower abdominal region. With a mini tummy tuck, an incision is made below the bikini line, similar to the incision made during a Cesarean section. A new belly button is not created and muscle tightening is not necessary. A mini tummy tuck is most feasible when less saggy skin is prevalent.

Modified Mini Tummy Tuck, which is similar to a mini tummy tuck but involves additional suturing of the lower abdominal wall. Dr. Dadvand generally recommends a modified mini tummy tuck to patients who have excess skin, but also have laxity in their lower abdominal muscles. Women who have had children are often candidates for this approach as multiple childbirths often weakens the abdominal wall. Patients who have weak abdominal muscles above and below the belly button, in addition to substantial amounts of excess skin and fat, are better suited for a standard tummy tuck.

Patients of all ethnicities are interested in tummy tucks for different reasons. Your individual surgical plan must be tailored to your needs and goals. It is important to consider factors such as potential weight gain, loss or intended pregnancy after the procedure, as this may affect your results.

Dr. Dadvand makes an incision across the lower abdomen. This incision extends approximately from hipbone to hipbone.

The excess flap of skin is lifted up so that Dr. Dadvand can access the underlying abdominal wall and lower abdomenal musckles.

Dr. Dadvand makes any necessary sutures to tighten the abdominal muscles, and removes the excess skin.

The remaining abdominal skin is pulled down to meet the original incision and the incision is closed.

Will I Be Put Under Anesthesia?

Yes. But, like all aspects of your tummy tuck surgery, Dr. Dadvand will personalize the type and degree of anesthesia you will need in accordance to the severity of your condition. Dr. Dadvand works with an anesthesiologist to determine the best anesthesia administration. Most often, patients are placed under general anesthesia.

Recovery After Tummy Tuck

Patients seek Dr. Dadvand’s professionalism in tummy tuck surgery in order to obtain the best results with the least amount of pain, the shortest recovery time, and minimal scarring. Each type of tummy tuck does involve some scarring, but Dr. Dadvand is dedicated to making the signs of your surgery as unnoticeable as possible.

Patients are typically advised to take about one to two weeks off from their daily routine, after which time the pain will largely subside and recovery will be adequately progressed. Pain during recovery can be treated with prescribed or over-the-counter medication and an abdominal binder is wrapped around the stomach to minimize swelling during the first few weeks after your procedure.

It is crucial that you carefully follow Dr. Dadvand’s post-op instructions. Adherence to these instructions will optimize your recovery and results.

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Dr. Dadvand's Practice Philosophy

As a double board-certified plastic surgeon and portrait painter, I take pride in offering my patients a unique skill set that includes my fine arts training and my many years of surgical training. I believe that the art of plastic surgery must be balanced with being a great doctor and advisor to my patients. As my patients will attest, I am driven not only by a desire to obtain excellent surgical results but also by a strong ethical foundation. I take my position as a medical doctor very seriously. As a patient of my practice, you will never experience the feeling of being pressured into surgery, or "up-sold" into other procedures, as this goes against my core beliefs. By the same token, I will never perform any procedure on a patient if I do not feel it is in their best interest. This is the trust that my patient-doctor relationships are built upon, and why my patient satisfaction rates are so high.

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