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LipoDissolve – Just the Facts

Posted on Friday, November 23rd, 2012 by admin

Lipodissolve, also known as injection lipolysis, uses a mixture of emulsifying chemicals (lecithin and cholic acid) that is injected under the skin to the targeted fat areas. This is a non-FDA approved treatment method.

Lipodissolve is certainly not a replacement or alternative to liposuction. It is best viewed as a fat removal technique when any form of liposuction is a bigger solution than the problem justifies. It is done as a series of injection done in the office over three or four months. It works well for small fat areas in the neck, jowls, bra rolls, stomach, flanks, thighs, and knees. The emphasis here is on the concept of small fat area, generally no bigger than the size of a hand. The biggest issue with liposuction is whether the results, and time to get them, justify the cost. It is also a great method to touch-up any excess areas of fat after a liposuction procedure.

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